Lanette Gavran

Lanette Gavran

Director and Faculty Member for PilatesITC
PilatesITC Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (NSW91490)
PAA Principal Trainer Level

Lanette is the Director of Curriculum for PilatesITC and the founder of the Pilates Canberra studios located in Australia’s national capital, Canberra. The Pilates Canberra studios have produced many wonderful Australian Pilates professionals, who instruct around Australia. The first Pilates Canberra studio opened in commercial premises in 1998, and have since kept many clients from that time who have committed to working out weekly using the Pilates Method. This history has created a broad base of clients from the Raiders Rugby League team, to professors from the ANU, leading Canberra business men and women, to survivors of cancer and life changing accidents, as well as parents and children.

Lanette’s multiple Pilates qualifications and training culminate in PilatesITC Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (NSW91490). Lanette has used this vocational qualification to articulate into the undergraduate Exercise Physiology degree at the University of Canberra, which she is currently studying.
Lanette has always believed in formal continuing education for any professional working with the human body, and has served on numerous boards in this capacity from fitness to Pilates industries in Australia. She was elected to the committee of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) and served as Education Officer and then President between 2007-2013.

As a believer in always moving forward but also respecting the history of the Pilates Method, Lanette has committed since 2010 to a biannual trip to the US to study with great second generation teachers such as Deborah Lesson and Blossom Leilani Crawford. However she credits the basis of her Pilates style to working with Sally Anderson since 1999.

Lanette is in demand for Instructor studio sessions, mat classes and workshops throughout Australia, where she presents from a PilatesITC base with flavours of those greats she has had the fortune to work beside and study with.